Saturday, March 31, 2012


...have never bothered me. This two-footer was sunning himself on Johnson's Pasture fireroad. They always seem to lay perpendicular to the road, so watch out. You wouldn't want to hit one!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Bike Ride...

I finally took some pictures. Therefore, a blog post must be on the way. I tend to feel like I wasn't doing work if I stopped a lot on my ride. Which makes it hard to take pictures. Which makes it hard to post. And I am trying to remedy that, so...

Must be going the right way because the sign says so...

From now on, I won't think of it as stopping to take pictures. I'm going to call it "intervals." All the kinesthesiologists tell me that I need to do intervals if I want to progress. They tell me that resting is work. Hard work.

Signs of incipient precipitation...

So to make the work of resting bearable, I'll bring a camera. Like the way people bring iPods to the gym.

And signs of recent precipitation...

Perhaps someone out there is a photographer who uses a mountain bike to step away from the viewfinder every now and then. If so, we could ride and take pictures together. And it would be hard to tell which one of us is resting at any given time. : p

My riding buddy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunrise on West Fork

No matter what time it is, the sun won't rise until you get to this bend in the road. At least that's true if you are more than two miles in from the road. If you find yourself waking up on the river, as I did recently, you will be in shadow.

My, that's a fine looking bike!

As I headed out towards Hwy 39, I came to an unusual spot where there is land between the road and the river. And a lone picnic table. And most unusually, sun. Suddenly, the picnic table which had seemed so out of place and alone before, made sense. It sits in one of only two spots you might want to sit and warm up. The other spot is similar...

Dam looks as thirsty as I feel!

Once you get out to Hwy 39, there is plenty of sun. Maybe not so much water, but plenty of sun.