Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big miles in Big Sur

What does it like like when I go on vacation? A little bit like this:

A city park. And a bikepacker's bike.

So what is riding through Big Sur like? Kind of like this picture suggests:

Looks like we are on the scenic route!

And, even though this is significantly south of anything you could call Big Sur, it was like this, too. In that there were fog and clouds, and it was basically riding on a highway...

After 4 days of riding, we hadn't had enough, so we continued south to Santa Barbara. Which is much less wild, but scenic nonetheless. The very first picture of this post is in a park in Santa Barbara, too, but I feel like this picture captures the feel of the town a little better:

So-Cal style beach.

Of course, it takes some calories to get from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara. So we spent some time in this joint before heading out:

Organic coffee and everything!

And even though it was only two days out of five, the hundred mile stretch from San Simeon to Carmel was what my vacation was about. I say two days because we rode it south to north one day, then north to south the next.


I'm not a big fan of Lompoc, but apparently Lompoc is a big fan of me. Look at the sign they erected for my arrival:

The trip was not all wilderness and camping. There was a train, a train station, and downtown Los Angeles involved...

Some of the ride felt like this:

Long miles

And some of it felt like this:

There was camping and campgrounds and stretches of night:

And Thai food and cows and a guy with a skateboard who thought my load was too light:

San Luis Obispo and Moro Bay

Mannuel's phone ate all his pictures, so these Instagram collages are all that he has left:

This is the bike Mannuel brought:

And even though it was my ride, I can still say, "Wish I was there!"

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